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Is it time to update your website?

Unfortunately, we see it all too often – that old outdated website that a company feels that's all it needs to represent it on the Web.

A website is a dynamic part of your business and it needs to be treated accordingly. Is there any other aspect of your business that you would let continue or exist without any improvement or at the very least continue to perform at least as well as when you implemented it?

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Take a Joomla Class at UCSD with CreativeSights

CreativeSights is proud to announce that our founder and CEO Andrew Crossan will be teaching Joomla! at the University of California San Diego beginning with the Summer 2012 session.

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Made in the USA

Websites Made in the USA

Who's REALLY building your website?

What would you find if you "pulled back the curtain" on the average website shop?

Outsourcing overseas is a very common trend in the website construction industry. Very often the business you've contracted to build a website for your company or organization is often no more than a simple salesperson. They'll take your order and then send it to a company in India or the Ukraine to put it all together.

We've seen it firsthand. We constantly receive cold call emails and phone calls from offshore companies looking for our overflow work. Unfortunately, we've also repaired (and in some cases completely rebuilt) quite a few sites that outsourced overseas labor built.

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CreativeSights loves Dropbox

There was a time when moving large documents and files electronically was a real headache. The classic example was when a client had large images or documents that we needed to incorporate into the website. The two most commonly used solutions both had significant problems.

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Website Construction, Grocery Stores and SEO

At CreativeSights we're more in the website construction business than providing the ongoing service and maintenance that true SEO and internet marketing services provide.  In turn, I prefer to tell people CreativeSights is in the business of building search engine friendly websites instead of saying that we're in the SEO business.

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