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Makeovers That Matter

Makeovers That Matter

Makeovers That Matter was founded in 2012 by Michael John (MJ) Derricott. The focus of this organization is to prepare female veterans and economically disadvantaged women to re-enter the work force with a work-ready makeover that includes hair, makeup, clothes, training, and counseling.

CreativeSights believed this great organization should have an equally great website. So, we gave this website a whole new look.

The way the website is set up features all of the important aspects of this organization with images, colors, and links to the most informational pages. We used many images and videos in this website to evoke the human emotion that is so evident in Makeover's That Matter. The images on a clean white background ensure that the pictures pop. It was important that we provided Makeover's That Matter an organized, easy to navigate, and good looking website that best reflects their organization.