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Sandel Avionics

Sandel Avionics

Sandel Avionics, Inc, a private San Diego company that engineers and manufactures advanced avionics for aircrafts, came to CreativeSights with what they felt was a dated website that was difficult to maintain. They were looking to change their website, which was originally a series of html pages and documents, to a modern site to match the feel of their high-end technology and was one that was easy for them to manage on their own. CreativeSights created a clean and modern site that allowed Sandel to utilize its features and feel to effectively represent their company and brand.

Sandel Avionics provides dealers across the globe with their aviation equipment. Due to their large scale business, Sandel utilizes their website to clearly display their products through organized navigation, pictures, and manual downloads for each product.

Sandel's customers will also benefit from their support section on their website. Sandel uses this website to achieve a high standard of customer service, especially when it comes to product support, with an easy to fill out contact form, downloadable support files, and product registration guide.