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Website Training - Joomla!® Training

Get trained by CreativeSights and manage your website on your own (and be proud of it)

CreativeSights websites do more than just look good. We help our clients succeed online by building easy to manage websites with training to make sure they can use them.

At CreativeSights, we'll teach you how to make updates and changes to your website with clear and concise instructions. You won't be left to figure out your website alone; with our training services, we ensure you have a website that looks great and one that you can manage.

We get it. Not everyone can pay large website maintenance fees, but we also know not everyone has the desire (or time) to learn website coding languages. With our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor, there is absolutely no code or HTML knowledge required to get the results you need.

Customized website training programs

You can learn how to add content or images to your website with our intuitive and easy to use editing tools - becoming an expert is easy!

We'll train you how to use all website features. Updates like blog posts, content changes, image uploads, calendar updates, product additions, and other similar edits are covered. It's our goal to get you completely in control of your own website.

Need more?

We also offer customized training packages. Whether you want to teach staff how to add new blog posts, optimize for SEO or something more technical like using website traffic analytics or basic design coding, we can help you get there.

CreativeSights is with you every step of the way - you'll have a site that looks great and is easy to manage.

All CreativeSights websites have a customized editor that's intuitive and easy to learn - you'll be up and running quickly

What you don’t need to know to get started

  • What a Content Management System or "CMS" is
  • Code language or syntax (HTML, XML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, etc.)
  • How to use a "WYSIWYG Content Editor"

Types of training include

  • Face to face
  • Telephone support
  • Group/Company Training
  • GoToMeeting Web Conferences

What you’ll know when you’re finished

  • How to make Blog updates
  • How to make Content updates
  • How to upload, use and organize your site’s images
  • How to create scheduled content releases
  • File Structure Best Practices
  • How to use the Content Editor
  • How to track and monitor traffic on your site
  • How to track and monitor content updates

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