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Google Loves WordPress is a Myth

Google Loves WordPress is a Myth
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Google Doesn't Care How You Build Your Website

How your website ranks on search engines is important to your business, but the specific details about how this happens is a trade secret of search engine companies (Google, Bing). Not unlike other ideas and concepts that people don't really understand, there are excessive amounts misinformation and myths about search engine optimization (ranking higher on search engines) floating around. Unfortunately, many of these myths get passed around as true.

Many inexperienced internet marketers and website designers love to proclaim that "Google Loves Wordpress". Beware - this is a myth!

As a professional website builders, we take a lot into consideration when we make decisions about the applications that we decide to use. WordPress is a very popular application, but it is far from the only option available and in many cases is not the best tool for the job.

"Google Loves Wordpress" is akin to saying the "IRS loves TurboTax" which of course, isn't true either. Sure the IRS prefers tax forms and reports that are clean and sent in on time but it's highly unlikely that they really care HOW someone does that.

While the specifics Google's algorithm is a trade secret, they are quite upfront about how Google search actually works. See for yourself:

Will Google like your site more if it's built with WordPress? NO!

If WordPress was the ultimate SEO friendly website system that is ready to go "out-of-the-box" SEO plugins for WordPress like All-in-One SEO and Yoast SEO wouldn't be very popular. As I post this, the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin has over 29 million downloads, so in other words, it's very popular. Furthermore, don't forget that Google owns Blogger, a service in direct competition with WordPress.

Okay, you can build a website using WordPress that fits well with Google's three key processes and end up ranking very well. The caveat to that is that you can use ANY website building tool that fits well with Google's specs and eventually rank well.

Ultimately, a search engine's job is to provide the best results for the words and phrases they've been asked about. If ranking higher on Google or Bing is important to you, it's more productive to spend time ensuring that your website really has good relevant content (text, images and videos) instead of trying to trick the search engine into thinking that you do.

If the web designer or SEO professional that you're considering spews the "Google Loves WordPress" myth, take a step back and reconsider. More than once we've found that many of these "professionals" prefer WordPress because it's the only system they know how to use.

A wise man once told me you can spend your time "chasing the algorithm" or you can actually make sure your site has good and useful content that is relevant to the user's search. Part of building a successful website involves a building an ongoing strategy that involves creating and continuing to produce useful and descriptive text, images and videos that are better and more useful than what the competition has.

WordPress is NOT a magic shortcut that will allow you to dominate your competition.

Read How Google Search Works on Google here:

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