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Joomla! Showcase awards High Conflict Diversion Program

Joomla! Showcase - High Conflict Diversion Program
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The Joomla Community Showcase is a collection of sites that show off the Joomla! - one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world. We’re proud to announce that our work on the High Conflict Diversion Program website has been selected to appear in this showcase.

The High Conflict Diversion Program helps parents and families in the United States struggling with high-conflict divorce and custody cases. The program offers both online and in-person court-approved classes along with mediation, coaching and family court preparation services.

After years of working with WordPress websites and budget web development companies, the High Conflict Diversion Program decided it was time for a change. They felt a more modern and aesthetically pleasing website would improve their efforts to market their classes and services.

In the detail phase of the project, we decided that much of the written text could be improved. By including content-writing as part of the project, the messaging is now dramatically more clear, concise and effectively communicates the benefits the High Conflict Diversion Program provides.

Aesthetics were also a big component of improving this site and allocating time to the design phase of the project became essential.

Logos were converted into scalable vector graphics (SVGs) for faster loads and more responsive display capabilities.

Incorporating new images had a very dramatic effect on the look and feel of the website. Instead the stock images of actors yelling at each others, we selected captivating images of animals fighting to convey the conflict aspect while images of happy single-parent families demonstrate positive outcomes.

Using a template utilizing the UIKit framework, the site uses RSForms Pro to collect information from potential clients and directly pass data to their CRM.

Their podcast, "The High Conflict Co-Parenting Podcast" is directly syndicated into the website using Joomla! native Newsfeed extension.

sh404SEF and JCH Optimizer ensure new URLs are optimized, old urls are redirected and page load speeds are maximized. We chose sh404SEF because there was an immense number of defunct pages that needed to be redirected.

More screen shots and information about this site are available in our website portfolio here:

See the showcase here: or visit the site itself at

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