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Identifying a Business in Need of a Website

Identifying a Business in Need of a Website
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Email Adresses and Domain Names

It is safe to say that we all have email addresses. Some of us perhaps have two, three, or more. One for personal, one for shopping, and a business email. The most significant part of a business email is the opportunity to market your company. Businesses without websites or properly maintained sites lose out on the opportunity to reinforce their brand with each email. This is one of the reasons why it is important to have an email address that ends with the domain name of your business. When someone hands you a business card, take a look at their email address. Businesses with an email address that ends with anything other than their domain name is a sure sign of a company in need of a website.

Businesses today rely on email as a quick and organized source of communication between them, their partners, and/or clients. An email is most likely the very first interaction a client has with a company. That first interaction needs to display professionalism and legitimacy.

With an email coming from a free email service, those attributes are lost. It makes us cringe when we see a law firm using a Gmail account, or a construction company using a Hotmail address. However, this is a common mistake made by business owners. Although these free mail services are ideal for personal use, they can hurt the perception of your company.

The main reasons why businesses have an email without their own domain name is because they either do not have website at all or need assistance with their current site. With almost the entire business market online, a website is a crucial aspect to any company. Just like an email, a website is a way to represent your company to a large audience. Clients often look for a website before making contact. If the website is nonexistent, poorly designed, or improperly functioning in addition to an unprofessional email, your business could be suffering. You can help your business by contacting CreativeSights and asking about our maintenance package.

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