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Who's REALLY building your website?

What would you find if you "pulled back the curtain" on the average website shop?

Outsourcing overseas is a very common trend in the website construction industry. Very often the business you've contracted to build a website for your company or organization is often no more than a simple salesperson. They'll take your order and then send it to a company in India or the Ukraine to put it all together.

We've seen it firsthand. We constantly receive cold call emails and phone calls from offshore companies looking for our overflow work. Unfortunately, we've also repaired (and in some cases completely rebuilt) quite a few sites that outsourced overseas labor built.

Is there really a benefit to outsourcing offshore?

On the surface, it seems like a great concept for a web development company. Offshore outsourcing provides an opportunity to increase profit margins, increase business volume all while decreasing the amount of time and effort the business you actually contracted needs to spend working on your project.

However, there's a disconnect. When a web design or development shop elects to use offshore outsourced labor their work, the quality of their final product often drops dramatically. We've even seen overseas outsourcers do untrustworthy things like leaving hidden administrative "backdoors" or embedding tracking codes.

Responsiveness drops too. Vast differences in language, culture and time zones are very real barriers to communication and make getting the website dramatically more difficult. They're not all bad people, but it's unrealistic to expect a team of low paid workers over 9,000 miles away that you've never met (and will never meet) to deliver a product built to convey the uniqueness of your business and organization.

At CreativeSights Web Design & Development, we've made a decision not to outsource overseas.

We do not feel the savings in costs outweigh the inherent negatives. When you choose CreativeSights you know that your website project is done hands on and made in the USA.

More importantly, we don't use outsourced offshore labor because we don't have to.

CreativeSights has all the skills and tools right in our offices to get your web project done right. We're advocates of a fully transparent construction process; you can stop in anytime and see the work that's happening on your site. Even if we bring in specialists to assist with aspects of the project, we draw from a local pool of experienced professionals – people who we know, can meet with face to face and can hold accountable to provide the quality we promise our clients.

Outsourcing overseas may seem attractive at first, but all too often, the money somebody saved upfront ends up costing a lot more as time goes on. I've seen it happen too often.

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