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A Free Blank Joomla! Bootstrap Template

A Free Blank Joomla! Bootstrap Template

At CreativeSights we have decided to provide a clean core Joomla!® template free of charge that anyone with HTML and CSS skills can utilize to build their own fully customized Joomla! template.

As I've stated in older posts, one of my favorite things about Joomla!® is how easy it makes things to build your own template. We want the world to take advantage.

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Saving money on easy website changes

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Andrew at CreativeSights is awesome! I highly recommend going with this company for website help. He is smart, easy to work with, efficient and honest. Rather than charge our non-profit for small web changes, Andrew taught me how to make the changes myself. We will definitely hire Andrew again in the future.

A great Yelp! review from Elizabeth at Center for Responsible Science.

Joomla 2.5 or Drupal 7

Reviewing Thoughts from February 2012

I just had one more person favorite this post I made back in February 2012 in response to someone who was questioning if they should really go through the trouble to migrate from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5.

Now that the Joomla!™ Community is moving quickly towards version 3.4 and 1.5 is now depricated, I liked what I wrote way back then and thought is was worth sharing here:

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CreativeSights Sponsors 2014 Joomla! World Conference

CreativeSights Sponsors 2014 Joomla! World Conference

In its third year, the Joomla! World Conference returns to bring together the worldwide Joomla! Community for three days of learning, connecting, and sharing.

This year on November 7-9 at the Grand Oasis Cancun in Cancun, Mexico the brightest Joomla! minds come together to share their experiences, connect with others, and learn more about Joomla! and its community.

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Suggested Joomla! Template Companies

Suggested Joomla!™ Template Companies

While we prefer custom designs, here are some excellent options for those looking to save money.

When someone says a site "looks like a Joomla!™ site", we cringe.  Joomla!™ has a huge advantage over the other CMS platforms with the easy and functional nature of its template system, so with a little bit of work, a Joomla!™ site can look like anything.

Even for the less skilled or basic users, there are hundreds of companies in the market right now who are producing templates (and template frameworks) for Joomla!™

Additionally, some of these companies offer clubs - meaning that instead of buying one template on an as needed basis, there's an option to buy a subscription or "join the club".  Membership in the template club usually provides unlimited access to support and downloads for every template the club offers.

Here are some of the better ones:

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Sites You Can See - What Style Website Should You Have?

What Style Website Should You Have?

Take this quiz to find out what site is best for your business

In our last week’s blog post, CreativeSights gave a list of signs that your website may need a makeover. You might have discovered that your website does in fact need to be redesigned. Now what?

To help you along with the next process of redesigning, or even creating your company’s first online presence, we have created a short 5 question quiz to help you find which style website is right for you!

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