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A Responsive Web Development Team

I have worked with other web developers in the past and i always had responsiveness problems with all of them, until i found Andrew on the web to help me finish what another web developer had started. He completed the project in the time frame we had agreed on and completely improved our site.

I'll definitely be contacting Andrew for any future projects.

Liz - Cyber Professional Solutions Corp

Thanks for this great Yelp review from Liz!

5 Reasons to Love Your Website

5 Reasons to Love Your Website

Today is Valentine's Day! In light of this holiday we thought we could remind you how great your website is. At CreativeSights, we think you should love your website! We dedicate our time and effort to make sure that you and your business have a website product that not only represents your company, but a site that is easy to use. We have made a list of reasons to love your site built by CreativeSights!

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Introducing a New Website Package for Sports Teams

Website Package for Sports Teams

Everything a sports team needs in a website, and more!

Do you or someone you know have a child participating on a sports team? Chances are, you do. From little league baseball, pop warner football, to youth soccer leagues, almost everyone has been affiliated with some sort of club sports team. What do most of these teams have in common? Poorly constructed websites!

As someone who has grown up with club sports and is still involved in that area, I know that club teams are notorious for having sub-par websites. I am sure most of you have come to accept this feature of these programs. The coaches do what we need them to on the field, and we understand they do not have the time to keep up with the latest web trends and technologies.

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Add eCommerce to your Joomla! website with CreativeSights

Add eCommerce to your Joomla! website

Learn about what ecommerce can do for your business

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce is essentially online shopping. It is an industry where the buying and selling of products is conducted over any systems that use the internet. This industry is growing, and growing fast. 70% of all commerce was influenced by smartphones or computers this past year. Coming off of a holiday season that saw an enormous increase in online shopping for gifts, expect to see this trend continue into 2014.

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CreativeSights is a Proud Sponsor of the Joomla! 2013 World Conference

CreativeSights is a Proud Sponsor of the Joomla! 2013 World Conference

CreativeSights is proud to sponsor the 2013 Joomla World Conference! Check us out on their sponsor page!

The Joomla World Conference returns for its second consecutive year bringing together the worldwide Joomla community. This year, the conference will be in Boston, Massachusetts from November 8-11. The Joomla World Conference is a place for Joomla experts and enthusiasts to learn, connect, and share. Speakers at this event include Andy Miller and Brian Teeman, co-founders of Joomla!, David Hurley, a founding partner at WebSpark, Ashwin Date, Joomla!'s CTO, Matt Mullenweg, a WordPress co-Founder, and many more!

CreativeSights' very own Andrew Crossan will be traveling out to Harvard University where the Joomla World Conference is being held to learn about the newest capabilities, upgrades, and anything Joomla! related from the speakers and guests at the event. So, if you have a specific Joomla! question that Andrew can bring up at the conference, let us know with our contact form!

For more information about the Joomla! World Conference visit their website by clicking here.

Identifying a Business in Need of a Website

Identifying a Business in Need of a Website

Email Adresses and Domain Names

It is safe to say that we all have email addresses. Some of us perhaps have two, three, or more. One for personal, one for shopping, and a business email. The most significant part of a business email is the opportunity to market your company. Businesses without websites or properly maintained sites lose out on the opportunity to reinforce their brand with each email. This is one of the reasons why it is important to have an email address that ends with the domain name of your business. When someone hands you a business card, take a look at their email address. Businesses with an email address  that ends with anything other than their domain name is a sure sign of a company in need of a website.

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