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A perfect blend between helpful guidance and freedom to make the site our own.

The best part about working with CreativeSights is that Andrew created a site that fit our personalities. We wanted the freedom to add articles, graphics and new features whenever we wanted and that's exactly what Andrew gave us. We used a tool called Joomla that provides pre-made templates that can be adjusted to your needs. Through Joomla, we are able to make easy adjustments to the site and continually keep it current, but always have Andrew to walk us through the tricky parts. Andrew made our website ideal for us - a perfect blend between helpful guidance and freedom to make the site our own.

Melissa Hinkley - Co-founder
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Made in the USA

Websites Made in the USA

Who's REALLY building your website?

What would you find if you "pulled back the curtain" on the average website shop?

Outsourcing overseas is a very common trend in the website construction industry. Very often the business you've contracted to build a website for your company or organization is often no more than a simple salesperson. They'll take your order and then send it to a company in India or the Ukraine to put it all together.

We've seen it firsthand. We constantly receive cold call emails and phone calls from offshore companies looking for our overflow work. Unfortunately, we've also repaired (and in some cases completely rebuilt) quite a few sites that outsourced overseas labor built.

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CreativeSights loves Dropbox

There was a time when moving large documents and files electronically was a real headache. The classic example was when a client had large images or documents that we needed to incorporate into the website. The two most commonly used solutions both had significant problems.

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Website Construction, Grocery Stores and SEO

At CreativeSights we're more in the website construction business than providing the ongoing service and maintenance that true SEO and internet marketing services provide.  In turn, I prefer to tell people CreativeSights is in the business of building search engine friendly websites instead of saying that we're in the SEO business.

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Having a GREAT website designer is absolutely necessary for any small business owner

Kara Dodds & Associates

In the past, I have had my companies website done 3 times by different designers. I spent way too much money, time, and did not see the increase in web contacts I needed to grow my business. I was frustrated as I knew it wasn't working when I met Andrew Crossan. Right away I knew I had the "right designer" for my business as he personally met with me to "find my style" and to better understand what I needed my website to do for my growing business. Andrew had great ideas, helped me organize the information so that it was more user friendly, made it dynamic with pictures. He also added links and key words so that my business would come up more on searches.

Andrew is always available to me when I need little changes made to it and his ideas have been so helpful. Having a GREAT website designer is absolutely necessary for any small business owner. Andrew is the person for the job! I would highly recommend him.

Kara Dodds, Speech Language Pathologist
Kara Dodds & Associates

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